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families and individuals
to health, behavioral health, social services and community resources since 1998.
Covered, we
believe everyone deserves
to lead healthy, productive lives. We make it possible for people to access health and supportive services throughout the Sacramento region, despite the barriers they may face.
We support residents in our community with mitigating barriers to often known as social determinants of health – the conditions where people live, learn, work and play that affect their health risks and outcomes.

Health Coverage and Primary Care

To confront the lack of access to affordable health coverage and timely care, we provide direct enrollment assistance, health literacy, connections to doctors/dentists, and resources for prevention, mental health, and care management.

Healthy Food

We know that hunger and food insecurity prevents people from staying healthy. We help residents enroll in food assistance programs to help them buy food, as well as connecting them to available food resources near them.


To prevent missed medical appointments and delayed care, we provide residents with coordinating transportation services to and from their appointments.


We understand housing instability as a health issue in our community. We provide residents with connections to long-term housing assistance coupled with other supportive services, like medical care and behavioral health treatment.

Explore Our Levels of Care

Our approach is peer-driven, one-on-one, and most importantly, effective. It is our goal to help.