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The path to healthcare for Medi-Cal patients now improving thanks to Health Net grant

Health Net’s $90,000 grant means more residents in the Sacramento region will have access to quality care and receive education about their Medi-Cal benefits.

April 5, 2021

Health Net’s 2021 Community & Infrastructure Investment Program awarded 24 providers with grants of up to $100,000 to help increase enrollment across California over the next 13-months. Sacramento Covered applied for this grant and was awarded $90,000 which will help support our outreach programs.

The grant money will help support Sacramento Covered’s efforts to:

• Amplify awareness of available benefits
• Educate communities about the importance of health care coverage
• Help newly eligible people enroll in health care coverage
• Assist new enrollees in understanding and navigating the healthcare system
• Support existing members through the coverage renewal process

“The COVID-19 pandemic has added obstacles to healthcare for many who already had so much stacked against them as it is,” said Kelly Bennett, Founder and CEO of Sacramento Covered. “These funds will assist Sacramento Covered in getting more patients that are eligible for Medi-Cal signed up, as we continue to bridge the gap, paving the way for better access to healthcare for all Californians.”

At Sacramento Covered, we aim to provide the individuals and communities we serve with high-quality, comprehensive, community-directed health care. We are a safety net for those who qualify for Medi-Cal, and this Health Net grant will assist in those efforts.